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Titan Fuel Tank 7030313S Super Series 55 Gallon Extra-Large Midship Fuel Tank with Shield

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55 Gallon tank. it includes a custom molded shield. It is recommended if tank is to be subjected to off-highway use.

The Titan Fuel Tanks 7030313 Super Series 55 Gallon Midship Fuel Tank allows you to control when and where you fill up your tank. A TITAN extra-large capacity fuel tank can take you to those out-of-the-way places you’ve always wanted to go! These huge tanks pay for themselves in 2 years based on the time and money saved making less trips to the fuel station. The Super Series tanks holds about double, or more, that of a normal stock fuel tank, increasing a vehicle's range.

Tanks are made of Military Grade Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE). XLHDPE is a space-age material designed to perform in any conditions –extreme hot and cold temperatures alike. The term 'cross-linked' means that the molecular chains that make up the polymer are chemically bonded together, or 'bridged', to form a continuous, three-dimensional structure. This allows stress and impact energy to be dissipated throughout the infinite chain of molecules. In other words, the TITAN Fuel Tank’s innovative cross-linked structure makes it as much as 20 times more durable than linear-polyethylene, like stock (OEM) tanks. In fact, it is one of the reasons why the U.S. Department of Defense utilizes the very same processes, materials and expertise for fuel storage in many of their front-line, combat vehicles. This new TITAN Tank hangs approximately only 2.5" below bottom of stock tank shield. Very similar in appearance to original equipment tank.


  • Large Capacity, Midship stock replacement
  • Increases capacity to 55 Gallons of Fuel
  • Almost Half the Range over Stock Tank
  • Extends the Fuel Range of Vehicle
  • Lightweight, Durable, Military-Grade Construction
  • Installs in and Takes up Same Space as Normal Fuel Tank - approximately 2.5” deeper than stock OEM tank itself
  • Suited for Any Weather
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Bio Diesel Compatible
  • Low Fuel Baffle
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Low Heat and Cold Conduction
Fitment: 2013-2015 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Crew Cab/Quad Cab, Long Bed
Material: Military Grade Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE)
Finish: Black
Warranty: 5 Year 50,000 Mile Limited Warranty

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